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Erica Frankel Log
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First-in-man use of polymer-free valsartan-eluting stents in small coronary vessels: a comparison to polymer-free rapamycin (2%)-eluting stents
    • October 1, 2009
Just searching around for alittle and thought wikipedia would be a go starting point. I will also look in Scifinder under "sirolimus" or "rapamycin"and see what I find there.

September 30, 2009

I have still been thinking about what I would like to research for my final product. Having worked with medical devices on my past co-op, the theme is readily in my mind and seems to be of growing importance in the medical world. Specifically, studying the use of rapamycin in organ and tissue transplants. Furthermore, rapamycin is used in various stents to prevent inflammation in arteries after surgery.
-Could go into detail of anti-inflammatory functions in the body as well as present the mechanism for which it works
[The mechanism of action would be excellent - you'll need to identify the biomolecules involved and some analogues JCB]**
-Mention the different uses of the drug
-Any derivatives of the drug that may perform similarly in vitro, also any differences

September 24, 2009
First Class today. Went over syllabus and multimedia options for use in final project. I have no clue what to research for my project. I am thinking of looking at the application of older drugs for the use in medical devices. ||
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