Chemical Information Retrieval

Drexel University Course CHEM 367-767

Fall 2009

Instructor: Jean-Claude Bradley bradlejc AT drexel.edu


Lecture 1 September 24, 2009

General introduction to the class and the wiki.

Lecture 2 October 1, 2009

More technical details about Wikispaces and an introduction to publishing in chemistry

Lecture 3 October 8, 2009

Guest speaker Peggy Dominy on RefWorks and ILL.

Lecture 4 October 15, 2009

Mainly a review of ChemSpider and Beilstein.

Lecture 5 October 22, 2009

Glatiramer acetate problem and review of FAQs.

Lecture 6 October 29, 2009

Finding substance properties from various sources.

Lecture 7 November 5, 2009 Workshop Only - no lecture

Lecture 8 November 12, 2009

Using ChemSketch with ChemSpider.

Lecture 9 November 19, 2009

Final comments about assignments.

Lecture 10 December 3, 2009

Guest lecturer Rajarshi Guha from the NIH Chemical Genomics Center discusses Molecular Representation, Similarity and Search (Watch Talk)(Slides)

Guest lecturer Antony Williams from ChemSpider will discuss ChemSpider Tricks and Special Topics in Chemical Information (Watch Talk)(Slides)

Final Exam