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SWS Assignments

September 24, 2009

First class. Learned about research databases and websites.

September 30, 2009
Was wondering if I could write my paper on the current research I'm doing.
(Inorganic Chemistry under Dr. Papish - synthesis and characterization of bis-ligand transition metal complexes using the Ttz^Ph,Me ligand)
But I don't know what aspect of my research I could, well, further research and write a paper on. [Maybe you could start with a substructure search of the ligands on SciFinder and Beilstein and see if synthetic strategies or applications interests you JCB]

October 5, 2009

Thinking about doing my research paper on something more interesting like...CHOCOLATE!! Something like "Is Chocolate Really Addicting?"
But I think that topic may be too general.
So, I did a primary search on what some researchers think makes chocolate so addicting.
I learned that the answer isn't so short and simple.

Found article on ScienceDirect:
"Chocolate: Food or Drug?"

"Most likely, a combination of chocolate's sensory characteristics, nutrient composition, and psychoactive ingredients, compounded with monthly hormonal fluctuations and mood swings among women, will ultimately form the model of chocolate cravings."

KRISTEN BRUINSMA, DOUGLAS L. TAREN, Chocolate: Food or Drug?, Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Volume 99, Issue 10, October 1999, Pages 1249-1256, ISSN 0002-8223, DOI

However, analyzing all of those components would be too much information and would probably lead to a general paper. The same article talks about biologically active constituents that "could potentially cause abnormal behaviors and pscychological sensations that parallel those of other additive substances" (Bruinsma and Taren).
So, I think I want to research some of these components.
The article does briefly talk about phenylethylamines and methylxanthines, and I was thinking I could research these and if they comtributed to the overall addictiveness of chocolate.
=> Would this topic still be too general? Should I focus on just one of these substances instead of both??

I looked at another book written by Astrid Nehlig (two Ph.D. degrees in physiology and functional neurochemistry) called Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, and the Brain.
In her book, she talks about certain drug-like substances in chocolate, such as phenylethylamine and methylxanthines.
It seems really interesting and I would like to look over it, too.
[This would make for a very interesting report - if you can resolve the conflicting reports about phenylethylamine by carefully reading the primary literature JCB]

October 28, 2009

Made an SWS Assignments page. (link to Assignments page on top of this page under heading)

November 28, 2009
Finished the last assignment.

Finding the rest of the resources I need for the paper.

December 1, 2009
Trying to use RefWorks for my citations.
Continuing to find the rest of the sources I need and finding the information I need.
Starting a outline of my paper.

December 2, 2009
Need to manually add some of my references into RefWorks.
Will divide paper up into sections (i.e. Abstract, Intro, Results/Discussion, Conclusion)
Skimming and reading my references.
Started writing my paper.
Question: What to do if the article is available through the library but there is no DOI (with ProQuest)? Then using the document URL is okay (when providing link to article)??
[There is not always an actual "DOI" but there is always a way to link to the abstract with a fairly short url JCB]

December 4, 2009

Finished writing my paper and uploaded onto research page.
One slight problem with source (9). Although there was a DOI on the website, when I tried to open the document with that DOI, it did not work.
Therefore, I made a link with the website URL (I couldn't find a shorter one).